Recruitment Documents

At 1st Stop our aim is to make the recruitment process as simple as possible for clients and candidates alike, so we have created dedicated online resource centers for both! It is all about making the recruitment process more accessible and ensuring that we continue to provide the highest levels of customer service to our clients.

This page is an exclusive resource library for our Premier Clients that contains documents that will support the management of 1st Stop temporary workers.

So what can we help you with today?

Recruitment Documents for Temporary Workers

Weekly Timesheet

Please download, complete and sign before submitting to the candidate or directly to 1st Stop

EXP Collective Timesheet

An expanded collective timesheet for clients with high numbers of temporary workers onsite

Monthly Timesheet

Please complete on a monthly basis. This must be returned by the payroll deadline

Temporary Worker Review

We welcome you feedback on our candidates. You can elect that in information remains confidential

Collective Timesheet

Timesheet for clients with multiple temporary workers onsite at any one time

COVID-19 Questionnaire

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we now require workers to complete this form on request

Recruitment Information and Forms

Recruitment Service Packages

We have a range of flexible and bespoke recruitment solutions to offer clients – check them out here!

1st Stop Premium Benefits

Take a look at the benefits available to 1st Stop Premier clients; adding value through enhanced levels of service

48 hr Week Opt Out Form

Form for workers who wish to opt out of the 48 hour working week regulations

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